Content Research for your website or article

Content is one of the most crucial parts of a website. One web guru stated that content and copywriting can make or break a website. Wrong, out-of-date or poorly done content can cause your website to fail.

There are more than 100,000 content-rich searchable databases available on the Web. (BrightPlanet Report) There are an estimated 500 billion individual documents on the Web.

"When you really need to know, quantity without quality just won't do... And if you are a researcher, the seemingly endless resources of the Web seem swell until you actually have to pull a needle of data out of a haystack of results”. Michelle Manafy - November 2004 Issue - EContent Magazine

Content research can be time consuming and frustrating for the novice. Trying to get the right web content sometimes seems beyond reason. On the internet, links go bad, or lead to strange places, and then there are the libraries and books by the ton.

We help you by doing all the research for your website. We can provide articles relating to your site, useful links, and much more. We provide the information and the sources.

People visit websites for three main reasons - commerce, entertainment and/or information.

Are there up-to-date articles relating to your website? Are there other sites that can compliment yours? Are there other materials available? Are there forums available that discuss your products, ideas or information? Where did the information come from? Is it yours to use as you see fit? It is our job to find the right content, check for related articles, check for other sources of information, provide current up-to-date links and a bibliography for you. The content is yours.

For example, if you were selling period swords, and wanted to attract more visitors, you might want to include information about Renaissance fashions. How much do you know about Renaissance fashions? Our job is to provide you with the information you need.

Our prices will vary with what you want and need. In most cases, what you need is one page of content on a particular subject with up to 10 sources. You might also need a related picture or two. To get that, you might have five pages of information to use.

How do I know what you send me is what I need? You tell us, we give information on the topics you give us. We find what is relevant to that topic and don’t wander around it. It is easy for the novice to wander around and find everything but what they actually need. Our job is to stay on topic and provide only relevant material to that topic.

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